View Full Version : comskip with videoredo cutlist & gbpvr cutlist?

2005-02-11, 03:44 PM
Sorry... I wasn't sure where to post this. Developers forum seemed a little more appropriate as I don't want to bother sub.

But I am hoping to be able to use the commercial cut list created by comskip in videoredo. I have seen that the newer version(s) of comskip support a videoredo cut list. Will this same cut list work for GBPVR or will I have to run comskip 2x(1x for compatibility with GBPVR ? and 1x for an output which supports videoredo?)
I am at the point where I have started playing with cutting the commercials out for the videos I want to archive and save on disk space. Seems a shame to have to rum comskip again.

2005-02-11, 03:57 PM
you can enable the videoredo project to be generated. The comskip txt file is used by gbpvr. You can use the batch processing to cut the commercials out automatically. I thought about writing a tool that does the commercial cuts after so many days.

2005-02-11, 04:30 PM
If you add the following line in your comskip.ini file, it will generate both the .txt file and the VideoRedo project file in one run of comskip (including the one that GB-PVR automatically runs after a show's recording): output_videoredo=1

2005-02-11, 04:34 PM
so by enabling the videoredo project it will still create the necessary file for GBPVR and videoredo? Sounds like that will do what I wanted it to do. Creating some batch method would be great as well. Is there an easy way to create a batch method for using videoredo and the comskip file?

A tool that would cut the commercials after so many days within GBPVR would be great. That's what I love about GBPVR and the developers who contribute to it! (Pretty funny if it took the commercials out of the Super-Bowl!)

So would you use a program like videoredo to do that within your tool or develop your own?

2005-02-11, 04:54 PM
*I'll step in for jorm, here (if that's okay), and give you the link to the Wiki on SageTV's community forum. *It contains the command line AND .ini file arguments you can use to customize comskip's behaviour. Using the command line arguments, you can create a batch file to do what you want.

Go here (http://www.sage-community.org/index.cgi/wiki/ComSkip) and under "Additional Information" you can find what you need! *Good luck ^_^

As for your last questions, I defer to jorm...

2005-02-12, 03:49 AM
For other newbies out there like myself who are just hacks and don't really know what they are doing...

I had to change the added line from
"output_videoredo = 1" to
the 1st run just gave me the usual one *.txt output.

I made the above changes and noticed as soon as I start running comskip for the second time that it create the necessary *.Vprj" file for videoredo.

Also... I can stumble around here for a while. or.. can someone give me an example on how to run videoredo from the command line?

do I just enter [VideoReDoBatch.exe "filename.Vprj" ] or
[VideoReDoBatch.exe "filename.mpg" ]

thanks again!

2005-02-14, 10:28 AM
I would use videoredo. They have done a lot of development and I cant find a freeware that does as much. The app to videoredo shows over x days old would be very simple. I will probably do it. Might also give you a hook to it from xrecord.

We would probably give the app a list of show that it is allowed to process so you dont cut the commercials out of the superbowl but only shows that comskip is accurate on.

it is not that simple.

cscript //nologo "C:\Program Files\VideoReDo\vp.vbs" "f:\proj.vprj" "f:\proj.mpg"

proj.mpg is the output. proj.vprj is the one generated by comskip.

2005-02-14, 11:43 AM
I have been trying to run comskip and the rename program together. *The rename seems to work fine on its own and so does the comskip, but not together. *I had picked up that adding a line to the comskip.ini file fixed that issue. *Does this take the place of the PostProcessing.bat file or change it in any way?

Being a novice at this, for me the devel is in the details. *Exactly what files are needed and what should they include to make both utilities work?

2005-02-14, 02:57 PM
Yeah you will need to add comskip %1 to the post processing.bat. The problem you might run into is when you rename the recording it renames the mpeg? I have not played with this yet. If you rename the mpeg you will always have to rename the comskip txt file as well.

If it doesnt you probably can ask king argyle to add it.

Remember to do the comskip first otherwise the %1 variable will be invalid.

2005-02-14, 11:54 PM
Yeah, it renames the recording. I could possibly add a feature to renamerecording to accept another parameter something like -comskip and if detected will rename the comskip files aswell as the recording so they stay in synch. I don't use comskip myself as I find it isn't very accurate on the shows I record. Of course I haven't done any tweaks on it either.

Update: Took a quick stab at this tonight. Check this thread for details:

http://gbpvr.com/cgi-bin....ry23285 (http://gbpvr.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=4;t=3593;st=20;r=1;&#entry23285)

2005-02-15, 06:39 PM
what version of comskip are you using?

I know for me the version with 11/20/04 (~v.40?) works best. I recently tried one of the newer versions and I did not have nearly the same success as I did with the older version. So I switched back to the earlier version and sure enough I had much better results. I know the area you are in has a big impact on the success. All this to say that try a few of the different revisions and you might find one that works better for you. BTW... I kept the same ini file for each so I know that had nothing to do with it.

2005-02-15, 07:38 PM
Truthfully, I only use GBPVR for recording programs. I don't use it to watch anything so Comskip to me isn't worthwhile, except for the ability to sorta/kinda get the commercial cut poitns for VideoRedo for later editing. Mostly, I just record with Video Redo, and then later watch the recordings on my DSM-320 on my TV. Very rarely do I keep anything around more than a couple of days.