View Full Version : No fast fwd and rewind on mvp

2008-10-14, 07:45 PM
I have just updated to latest version of GBPVR (1.2.13) and have lost the fast forward and rewind on the mvp - using the mvp remote. It justs skips forward and back instead. I think there used to be an option in the misc tab of the config to select ffwd and rewind or skip for these buttons, but cannot find it. Has it been removed or am I remembering incorrectly? Can I set ffwd and rewind?

2008-10-14, 08:02 PM
I think if you prefer the FFWD and RWD option you have to manually update the config.xml file. Look for something like: <SkipInsteadOfFFRW>true</SkipInsteadOfFFRW> and change it from true to false or vice versa, I can't remember.