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2008-09-10, 07:49 PM
Hi everybody, i'm using gbpvr atm with an pvr card. My provider has put in fiber in the ground where i live, and as of now i have the pleasure of iptv..;-)

The fiber is coming into my house and then this is converted with a box to a normal utp cable. On that network there is normal ip. I figured out the channel ip addresses, and i can watch them in vlc with following input :

udp://@ for 1 channel
udp://@ second channel etc.

After reading up into this forum and with the plugin wiki i thought i give this plugin a try to see if i could bring it to my media pc.

After trying 2 nights in a row to get it working i got the following problems, i hope somebody can help me.

Here goes :

After installing the plugin into GBPVR09912 everything is working great. I can watch all the channels, the only strange thing that happens when i open a channel is that vlc is opened twice, one is playing the sound and one the picture.:confused:

I thought maybe this is because i'm not using it in list mode, so i installed external recorder plugin and did exactly what the wiki site said, and yep i could use the plugin in live tv and from my tv guide.. But still it opened 2 vlc players..:confused:

Second i tried to record programs, and ubustream opened vlc ok and there was a mpg file created but vlc opened again twice and didn't stop recording when the program ended.

Now i was really getting confused. On some way external record/ubustream and vlc aren't working together and i can't figure out what i'm doing wrong.

- I tried to reinstall everything again but still same problem. I can watch perfect (but can't close vlc with alt-f4 because of the 2 running).

- I can record from my tvguide, but this record is not stopped (vlc is keeping recording) and gbpvr is saying that record has failed there is a mpg file i can play with vlc but can't play it with gbpvr..

Please could you help me with this..

Here are parameters is used in the external recorder plugin (got this from wiki site):

Executable: C:\Program Files\devnz\gbpvr\UbuStreamCmd.exe
Recording Parameters: {channel} :sout=#transcode{vcodec=mp2v,vb=1024,scale=1,acode c=mp2a,ab=192,channels=2}:duplicate{dst=std{access =file,mux=ps,url=^"{fullname}"^}}

Executable: C:\Program Files\devnz\gbpvr\UbuStreamCmd.exe
Preview Parameters: {channel}

2008-09-13, 06:39 PM
Bump... Is there nobody who can help me with this???

greg in kansas
2008-09-14, 02:01 AM
I think UBU is gone.

2008-09-17, 12:53 PM
I think UBU is gone.

/cry :(

2008-09-17, 02:39 PM
It's amazing how far you got without anyone helping you :D

I was going to reply to your other thread but then thought here would be good...

This is really cool what you are doing. I would have never thought it was so easy to get those streams to the computer. I do not doubt that if you're getting two streams it should be only a couple of parameters to have the merge.

Here's my two cents. My Tel company is having it's own proprietary IPTV, and I have wondered how to capture the streams that SHOULD be on my network...

But I think you have it easier.

OK, I think UBU might not be able to help, so fighting with his plugin might be difficult. (I don't use it and have no idea how to configure it or change the parameters but others do I think)

You said that you are able use VLC directly and at least get video and audio captured, even though they're in separate windows/files.

It's been a while, so maybe I can only offer some brain farts to get you a little further along, but I remember VLC having a couple of switches/parameters... VLC can be set to transcode only and not display a window. That might be what you have to set in order to let UBUstream use VLC abut not get popup windows... (ZProcess 1 had to get that one straight - but the code for that version is lost and I can't remember what I did)

Next, if I also remember correctly, you can set the command line to take two different sources and merge them to create one temp MPG that can be viewed...

I'm more versed in MEncoder, and there are others here that know it even better, and maybe MEncoder might do the job for your better.

It sounds like you're fairly versed in hacking here and there so it might be better to leave it with you. The IPs you gave are probably not accessable outside of your private net or subnet. If they were, wouldn't anyone be able to cature your stream? Still it would be great to discover someone could do this.

With my own IPTV system, Each STB has it's own MAC address of course, and pulls a private IP directly from the Tel company Though that private IP is pingable from whithin my home behind the modem/router that is provided by the Tel company.

I'm thinking that if I pay for two STBs, I'm really paying for two MAC addresses, and should be able to use whatever device I want to capture streams associated with those MAC addresses. But it's bleeding edge and I can't find any information on doing that. You're the first person I know that has catured something from IPTV...

2008-09-17, 02:57 PM
Check this out:


A few posts down there's instructions to use the VLC wizard. I'd be interested if this would give you one window with both video and picture...


THis page shows how they get a list of all channels for their own iptv playlist