View Full Version : livetv: stop and restart every 28 secons

2005-02-06, 03:50 PM

with the new version, my mvp works a little bit curios:

I've 102 channels. For 25 channels, are no epg-data available.
When I'm watching these channels via mvp, gbpvr stops and restart the channel every 28 seconds.
The external tuner does not become a new channel, but in the mvp you can see the stop-symbol and one second later the play-symbol.

This happen's only on channels with no epg-data.
At every restart, the counter on the top goes from 28 back to 0.

How can I solve this problem ?
As turnaround, I could create dummy-epg-data :-) Is there any software that creates this and append to my xmltv ?

Thanks a lot!

Bye, Sebastian

2005-02-06, 09:03 PM
Don't know about the epg problem. However, the live-tv stop is similar to problem myself and others have mentioned - it seems to occur only when you have changed channels in live-tv. Mine clears up if I exit live-tv and reenter. Then it works fine until I change channels again. Fortunately, the latest version keeps your selected channel when you exit and reenter.