View Full Version : MVP functionality

2004-03-15, 10:09 PM
Does GBPVR replace the basic functions of the MVP or just provide a different interface with the same functionality underneath? ie can GBPVR (if the programmers so desire) do things like change the skip length or provide different RW/FW speeds to those provided by hauppauges software?

2004-03-15, 10:32 PM
Its not quite clear cut as you might think.

GB-PVR isn't a replacement interface, its a replacement server. I can implement anything I want on the server side as long as it works with the client software which runs on the MVP. The client software which runs on the MVP controls the playback of MPEG video and MP3 audio.

...but on server side I can also implement a lot of stuff. For example GB-PVR provides netradio and live tv support, which is not present in the original Hauppauge software.

On the specific feature you asked about:
- I already allow the user to change the skip lenght when playing back files.
- I believe I could implement different multi-speed RW/FW. I could also transcode AVIs etc to MPEG on the fly.

You have to remember though, all these sorts of features all take time to develop.