View Full Version : ePSXe 1.70 support

2008-07-24, 10:39 AM
Hi all ePSXe users,

I have a request on the 2.6 wishlist to support ePSXe 1.70 I would like to continue to support 1.60 as well.

I have looked at what it would take to support both and come up with a whole heap of work to get GameZone to support both. Thinking alternatively, when GameZone was first created ePSXe was the first emulator added, the integration of GameZone although not perfect is actually quite extensive. The direction of GameZone has taken a slightly different path than when I first started out and instead of fully integrating every emulator it has become more of a application launcher and the integration is not nearly so tight.

I would like to propose that I remove much of the ePSXe integration and reduce it to a simply set of items. I would then be able to easily support both, if anyone has an issue with this then please speak up now as I will be looking at coding in the next few days.