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2005-02-03, 02:07 AM
(I posted this in part of another thread, but realized it probably belongs in its own thread)

I am trying to convert DivX AVIs into MPEG so I can stream the video through my mediamvp without using up processor cycles on my computer used in the DivX decoding. I tried using ffmpeg to do this but I end up with a slightly stretched image that only occupies the top half of my TV screen when played through GBPVR or the normal mediamvp interface. The bottom half of the screen is completely black as well as the sides (this is a 16:9 TV). Can anyone make some suggestions as to what I am doing wrong? Here is the command I am using:

ffmpeg -i show.avi -b 2000 -vcodec mpeg2 show.mpg

I've tried using both 4:3 and 16:9 for the "aspect" setting, and this does not solve the problem. I would appreciate any help...

2005-02-03, 04:39 PM


2005-02-03, 05:14 PM
Install xrecord. Go to the skin and enable the converter. Then install vlc.

You can watch divx on your mvp.