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2008-05-20, 11:54 AM
I have now got my PCH set up to run in 1080p with the following:

etc/mvpmc/mvpmcx2 -m 1080p --display 1224x696 &


Everything looks good, and I have no redraw issues other than the following, which I will try to explain as best I can.
All the menus seem to work just fine except the recordings screen. When I scroll down the list of recordings all is OK until I reach the last one on the screen. When I click down again, rather than everything scrolling up it seems to do nothing - I get the feeling it has gone off the bottom. Continued down clicks do nothing but as soon as I click up the bottom item is updated to be the one in the list I assume it was at as I clicked down through the list. Continued up clicks work back up the screen updating each item as it goes, and sometimes an item is displayed more than once.
Does that make any sense at all? I've just read it back and not sure it will but would welcome any comments.
Could it be that the number of items in the list has been calculated incorrectly somewhere so it thinks it can display more than it can?
Sometimes with various up/down clicks you can get it to scroll correctly for a while.
I have had this problem since I started with the PCH. I have always used the 1080p option and changing the screen size/position has not had any effect on this behaviour.
Having got it all working so well it's frustrating that this little issue won't seem to go away so thanks for any help you can give.

2008-05-21, 10:16 PM
The --display setting has to take into consider the offset so here it is 1252x708. My preference is to leave it at the default and change config.xml

On my monitor with -m 1080p mode I don't get an error but it falls back to 720x480 so you might want to try other modes too just in case.


2008-05-29, 05:02 PM
Never did sort this despite lots of playing with the sizes and offsets etc.
Then along comes 1.2.13 and voila!, everythings is perfect.
Thanks (and have a good break sub).

2008-05-29, 10:01 PM
In 1.2.13 GBPVR will no longer try to write outside the boundaries of the display the you configured with mvpmcx2.