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2005-01-26, 12:55 PM
Hi all!

I'm writing from Italy and I'm ready to buy a
tv card. In Italy we just started with DVB-T
and I'd like to have a device that supports both
analog and digital broadcasting.
What about this one?
http://www.pinnaclesys.com/Product....ue_ID=2 (http://www.pinnaclesys.com/ProductPage_n.asp?Product_ID=2451&Langue_ID=2)

Is it supported?

Any suggest?

Thanks in advice.

GianfraH from Italy

2005-01-26, 02:40 PM
If it has BDA drivers, then it should work with the BDA support in the next release. If not, then it wont work.

2005-02-15, 08:47 AM
Yes my 300i seems to work using the Pinnacle 2.02 software. Well I can tune channels anyway.

However, when I open GB-PVR and select Live TV I get a dialog with this in it:

"Channel Tuning information not known"

Have I missed something in the configuration? I can see all the channels in the preview window when mapping channels but just can't seem to use them otherwise.

2005-02-15, 09:28 AM
Sorry, answered my own question by finding the dropdown list of channels in the mapping section. Now have the tuner working but the picture is stuttering very badly. The preview window was OK though [as is the Pinnacle software] so I must have something else setup wrong.

2005-02-17, 12:33 PM
I'm having fits and starts of getting GBPVR to work with the 300i. I can get preview mode live TV to work fine, but timeshift or recordings just create very poor quality mpgs (the odd frame, then some fragmentation, squeaks and pops for audio). I've exchanged a few mails and ideas with sub but I'm still not there yet.
I see that Pinnacle now have a new version of their software available (15/2/05) which I may try to see if its a problem with their BDA drivers. Everything works fine in their software though. I love the concept and features of GBPVR but at the moment I'm sticking with the supplied software

2005-02-17, 04:23 PM
GianfraH, if you have not already purchased that other card, then I can tell you that the Lifeview TV Walker Duo has built-in MPEG4/Divx hardware encoding, and includes both an analog and digital world-wide tuner that can simutaneously view or record two different programs at the same time. Very cool.... The only downside it that I am unsure whether or not the digital portion of the device is supported in this(GB-PVR) software, although the analog portion definitely is......


2005-02-19, 03:41 PM

Just tried the 2.10 update and now it won't save the TV channel list after the auto-scan [the Pinnacle software that is]. The update seems completely broken to me as I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling from scratch.

It also made no difference to GBPVR either, the picture still stutters uncontrollably.

2005-02-19, 06:47 PM
I read your e-mail after installing. My install went poorly, various errors and oddballs as well as Pinnacle's insistence on shoving up a registration screen at every opportunity. I installed it again (I didn't bother uninstalling) and it worked fine. Not obviously different but still working.

Like you, it made no difference to GBPVR. Working with Sub I have managed to simulate what GBPVR should do using the Microsoft GraphEdit tool and that created a flawless recording. All we need to do is persaude GBPVR to do the same and I'll be very happy. I like the look and approach of GBPVR, the various add-ins are nice and once I get it stable I may even have a go at a plug-in of my own but for now its keep on experimenting. Let me know if you get any improvements.