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2003-12-24, 12:48 PM
HI Sub,
Thank you for the great tool! I really like GB-PVR. I have installed it as the standard player in myHTPC for recordings I've made using my Hauppauge PVR-350. I use the tvOut of the PVR all the time (That's why *chose the 350). I particularly like the on-screen display and the use of the Hauppauge remote controller when playing movies. But, as you've asked to test, there are also some issues that need some attention in my opinion:
- The OSD does not dissapear automatically in some cases. Pressing a left or right button on the remote then makes the OSD dissapear after a few seconds.
- Fast forward and rewind buttons on the remote have no effect.
- Sometimes after using pause or skip forward or backward, sound and image are slightly out of sync. This can be resolved in certain cases by skipping backward or forward again.
- The program has no name. This makes that in the windows interface I cannot permanently as sociate .mpg files with GB-PVR. The icon is there in the "Open with..." list, but no name.
- When the OSD is on the TV-screen, there is a slight flicker in the image every now and then. Without the OSD this does not happen.
Now that I've got the entire GB-PVR program (I downloaded setup005c yesterday) I tested that program as well. I REALLY like it. I'm seriously thinking of making it the default htpc-program on my HTPC. But, I can't get Live-TV to work. In the previouw version (005) the program either hung or didn't do anything. 005c switches to live tv for a few moments and then goes back to the main menu. I do not like to use freqcopy as it messes with the registry. Rather I'd like to enter the channels manually in gbpvr. But that didn't work.
I did enter a few channels and found that entry no.1 appeared only after entering entry no.2 ;-) Also, when using internal tuner, there is no add button for channels. Only by first using wintvcap (also installed) and entering one or two channels, and then switching to the internal tuner, turned the add button on.
The manual programming didn't work. However, it seems everything works, only after hitting "record" nothing happens. But I read that is not yet implemented. I would very much like it though.
Closing question is: if I get livetv working, will pause-mode work. That is the killer app for me. If it will work GB-PVR is IT for me!

Anyway, I really like this program you've created. I hope it will develop quickly. At this moment, I think it is more usable than the wintv application (apart from live-tv).

2003-12-24, 05:33 PM
Cheers for the comments.

The program name will be correct for use with 'Open With' in the next release. You'll probably need to remove your existing association in the registry to force it to pick up the correct name. I thought I'd mention in now for future reference (I'm bound to forget later). To do this just delete the following keys using regedit.

- *HKEY_CURRENT_USER\applications\GBPVR.exe
- *HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shel lNoRoarm\MUICache

2003-12-24, 05:38 PM
I've also corrected a couple of situations which can cause the OSD to stay on the screen when it shouldn't be visible.

2003-12-24, 05:40 PM
I know what the problem is with LiveTV on the PVR350. I wont have a fix for the next release, which is almost ready, but will include it in the release after that. Unfortunately I'll need to develop a new directshow filter for this, which I'm not looking forward to...

2003-12-24, 05:47 PM
Yes, pause works for the LiveTV mode.

2003-12-24, 06:26 PM
I've now corrected the 'add channel' so that the new channel appears in the list immediately.

The 'Add channel' is initially disabled until the new capture source has been saved. When you first add the Direct Recording Source, close the Config app and reopen it. The Add button will now be enabled.

2003-12-25, 08:19 AM
Still working on it right up to the last minute on Christmas Eve - that's dedication!

Have a great Christmas!


2003-12-25, 03:29 PM
Christmas has been and gone here. Remember I'm in New Zealand, so Christmas was actually yesterday. Outside of the normal family activities I did manage squeeze a couple of hours in, while others slept off a huge Christmas lunch http://gbpvr.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif

2003-12-25, 04:38 PM
I thought that the time on the board entries was local time at posting - it must be local time at reading. Anyway, hope things are going well - looking forward to the next release!


2003-12-25, 05:21 PM
Yeah, I think its local time at reading.

Anyway...next release (v0.0.6) is now available.