View Full Version : FM radio (PVR150MCE) problem

2005-01-17, 01:24 PM
I have GBPVR installed in a PC with a PVR 150MCE. The FM radio works OK when GB-PVR is running on the PC. When I attempt to run the FM radio from a Media MVP unit it fails to play. The Media MVP does appear to attempt to play something but it comes through in very short bursts every 2 seconds or so.
I'm using the the latest (GBPVR02313.msi) version of GB-PVR. I've installed http://www.elecard.com/ftp/pub/directshow/lame_dshow.zip.

2005-01-17, 10:21 PM

I have a pvr 150 mce too. it works on the desktop fine ( mind you an active window pops up) but does not play via my hardware card .
when I check the recorded file ( found in you timeshift directory Or video can not remember which. for me it is a massive file.. about 50 megs per minute.. then when you check out the file nothing will play it. only thing that does for me is vlc and it reports it as being a video audo file.. perhaps it is doing the same thing to you.. I believe gb-pvr is linking the wrong encoder to the or perhaps too many endoders ( perhaps it is allso linking a video encoder and then muxing them together into incompatible stream).. I reported it to sub. but he does not have one (150mce) so he can not test.. i have the same result on several different computers, so Iam pretty sure this is happening to you too..

2005-01-18, 06:46 AM
Thanks for the info, looks like your right. I've check the mp3 file that the FM radio gets streamed to, its very large and gb-pvr plays this file (when running on a PC rather than an Media MVP) using ActiveMovie.

2005-01-18, 04:28 PM
I think I've got this problem sorted for the next release.

2005-01-19, 08:03 AM
Thanks for the info, and for your efforts.