View Full Version : Which takes precedence, pre or post padding?

2007-09-08, 02:21 PM
Lets say the settings are pre=1min vs. post=3mins

Will back to back shows let the first show go the extra three mins, or will show 2 kick out the 1st show 1 minute before the start of show 2 (i.e. 4 mins before when post would have taken it, if there was no second show)?

If pre wins over post, can I define a -ve pre? (tried it but doesn't seem to work).

The reason I ask is the silly site from where I scrape my EPG shows games (that in reality have a kick-off starting on the hour), as starting at 1/4 to the hour, finishing 1/4 to the hour. When queried they said to catch the introductions of the teams at the start of each show.

So games that are 40mins each way + 10 half time (plus say extra 10 mins for stoppage)=100 mins total. Say kick off =14:00, so game is expected to "actually" end 1:40 later=15:40. But recording starts at 13:45, so if the game is marginally late, I miss the end, which is what happened. grrrr.

I guess as a wish, I'd like to see an option for force post-show preeedence....


2007-09-08, 06:23 PM
Neither. Padding is always considered optional. On back to back recordings there will be no post-padding on the first recording and no pre-padding on the secon show.