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2004-12-30, 08:11 PM
I understand it is not currently supported but is it technicaly possible to play DVD files (in VOB format) on a MVP? *I plan to buy a MVP but I store my DVDs in native format to preserve menuing, chapters, subtitles, etc. *I know I can use DVD2MPEG but then I lose all of those features in my movies.

My question is, will future software enhancements give the MVP this feature or is there a reason (hardware or otherwise) that make this impossible?

Sub: *How much will I need to toss in your donation tin to have this feature added?

2004-12-30, 08:58 PM
No, sorry this isnt possible.

Quote[/b] ]Sub: How much will I need to toss in your donation tin to have this feature added?
About $20,000 should cover it.

2004-12-30, 09:02 PM
Is that US or Australian $?

2004-12-30, 09:26 PM
The problem is the MVP can only play mpeg 1 or 2.

So the easiest solution besides building your own mvp would be to find a command line transcoder that could convert vob to mpeg. It would also be nice to find to find a divx to mpeg transcoder as well.

Then if it is fast enough we can write a plugin that can launch the transcoder and then on the new mpeg file send that into gbpvr to play.

Sounds like it might work. It is the solution that hauppauge did for there divx support.

If you want to work on finding a freeware transcoder for

We can see if we can build this support.
Sub would this work?