View Full Version : Upgraded to 1.0.16, added PVR150 Tuner, now nothing works

2007-09-01, 08:32 PM
I have been successfully running 0.98.xx with two PVR250 installed. Needed to add one more tuner so I selected a new PVR150. While I was at it, I updated to 1.0.16.....and a new PC....(ouch...too many varibles!).

Started with 1.0.16, the new PVR150 and Schedule Direct, clean install. All worked fine. Added one PVR250, still, all worked fine. (record, playback, live tv, two channels recorded at the same, etc). Added third card (the second PVR250) and lost the ability to Record or see Live TV. No video signal (to watch or record) in PVRX2 or on MPV; just zebra stripes or snow (though the correct channel data appears OSD). (MPVs hang-up then reboot when trying to watch Live TV, but will play zebra stripes or snow if I use TV Guide/Watch. However, it still will playback previously recorded material).

Tried several things, among them, unistalling ALL video drivers/Cards and re-installed ONLY the two PVR250's. No Change. Also uninstall 1.0.16 and reinstalled it, (though it still showed my card configuration in the Capture Card section as well as Schedule Direct channel line-up). I can't even get back to the original working model!

Currently, I can't search the Forums (getting a Data Base Error screen at when I submit for my search at http://forums.gbpvr.com/search.php):eek:

Any ideas on what I am missing? Sometimes, I get so involved, I miss the obvious!:o

Thank you, any help would be GREATLY appreciated!:D

2007-09-01, 08:53 PM
sounds like the you needed to chnage the card number for the second pvr250

2007-09-01, 09:03 PM
My guess is too that you used the wrong device number for the card(s).
You could try the devicecheck utility(something like that) to find out the device numbers but it doesnt always work ok.
Otherwise just try to find out the the right numbers for the respective cards by trial and error.
I think all cards use the same driver so you'd have to use nr 1, 2 and 3.
I did have to aswell with my 150 and 350, which surprised me:o .

2007-09-01, 10:06 PM
Thank you everyone for responding!

I don't recall ever setting a 'device number'. In GBPVR, all three cards have different board numbers, if that's what you mean;
Capture Device #1 - First PVR250 (in PCI slot furtherest from CPU)
Capture Device #2 - Second PVR250
Capture Device #3 - First PVR150 (in PCI slot closest to CPU)

And they each have a different 'Source Name' - (TimeWarner 1,2,or 3)
All have 'Direct Recording Plug-in' and 'Internal Tuner / Cable' set for the Source

Also, I DO see video from the Hauppauge WinTV 2000 program (meaning, I am seeing cable video signal inside the PC), but I have no idea which card is talking to that program.

I didn't see a devicecheck utility in the GBPVR directory, would it be somewhere else? or is that a Windows XP utility?

Thanks Again.

2007-09-01, 10:16 PM
in gbpvr config we are talking about
so that gbpvr knows which card is which sounds like its trying to use 2 at the same time
i cant remember exactly but its to do with using the same drivers so even though you had them both in their before you have one setting different
so it could just be the order of the numbers so try changing the numbers(capture device #) of the pvr150 and the pvr250

i think the device check utility is on the wiki i have never used it

2007-09-04, 01:03 AM
HtV and stustunz

Well that took awhile, but its done! This is a follow up so others can know.

Yes (Thank you so much for your help!), it was the device number setting in the GBPVR config utility. Interestingly, I had used device #1,2 and 3 originally, but the order DID matter. I tried using the DeviceTypeCheck, but it only saw the Hauppauge 150 (which was the first card installed, but showed up as device #3) and neither of the Hauppauge 250's. Still, it was enough to be a hint as to the trouble.

Using the Hauppauge utility HCWCLEAR.EXE (from Hauppauge site) after every card removal/replacement (this ensured all registry references to the card had been removed). I then had to uninstall/reinstall each card/driver (one at a time) then add them back in, one card/driver set at a time, to XP (NOT letting the Xp 'New Hardware Found' wizard run, but cancelling it and the running the Hauppauge Driver Installer program) then adding them to GBPVR.

The final set up was the two older Hauppauge 250's had to be installed first and set as device 1 and 2, THEN the Hauppauge 150 had to be installed as Device 3. My assumption of 'first device installed is device 1' turned out to be wrong.

Thanks again for help,