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2007-08-31, 02:15 PM
Is there any way for GBPVR to natively send focus to another application. I'm using USB-UIRT. I know that you can do this using girder, hip, or event ghost. But the only function that I need is just to have GBPVR switch focus with another program and I don't really want to add the complexity and resources of running yet another application.

No big deal, really, just trying to keep things simple. Thanks for any help.

2007-08-31, 02:25 PM
If you're still running the old version, you can do a custom app. It will run something, you can optionally hide GBPVR while that process is running.

You set it on the plugins page...the box to the right of the list of plugins.

Custom apps aren't working in the current version.

2007-08-31, 02:53 PM
"Custom apps aren't working in the current version."

Thanks amckee, I did try that and it didn't work. Now I know why.

But actually in my setup the external application will already be running. By setting a custom app, I may end up with two or more instances of the program, which would not be desirable. All I need is to change focus.

2007-08-31, 03:10 PM
send an alt-tab command?

2007-08-31, 03:17 PM
If you are running using a Hauppauge remote or any other remote that uses the irremote.ini, you can launch or switch focus to another application by making one of the buttons on your remote (say the Music button) run the .exe of the other application. If the application is already loaded, pressing the button switches focus to the other app, and if not running, it launches the other application. I do this for iTunes and it works great. Let me know if you need me to post a copy of my irremote.ini file.

2007-08-31, 05:28 PM
@patrickaburrows: thanks, but not using irremote.ini

@oz: how can you simulate a keystroke combination without using girder, hip, or event ghost?

2007-08-31, 05:36 PM
what are you using to process the remote keypresses right now?

2007-08-31, 05:40 PM
I'm just using the USB-UIRT with GBPVR's built-in plugin, and a Home Theater MX-550 remote.

2007-09-06, 08:05 PM
amckee mentioned above that 'custom applications' was broken in the newer versions. Is this something that is on the to-do list, or the to-be-removed list? It looks like this is the only way I can find to be able to change focus without running a third application (assuming I can keep multiple instances of the other app from starting).

Otherwise, looks like it's time to fire up eventghost.