View Full Version : MVP Problem

2004-12-23, 08:17 PM
Anyone seen this? *I was using MVP along with Beyond TV and wanted to try GB-PVR because of it's capabilities. *I installed the MVP Beta upgrade, and downloaded the GB-PVR installer. *Although everything seems to install okay, when I turn on my MediaMVP, I only get the standard Haugpage splash screen and menu and can't access the GB-PVR program. *Any thoughts? *The card I'm using is a PVR-250. *I don't believe I have any compatibility issues. *I've tried re-installing everything a couple of times but no luck. *Shows up on my PC but not through MVP.

2004-12-23, 08:31 PM

Have you disabled the Hauppauge MVP services that are installed? Since you don't need the MVP software for it to work with GB-PVR, I would disable or uninstall the MVP software while testing GB-PVR.

2004-12-23, 10:01 PM
Try this start hauappage software. let it load the application a,d once it does that stop the hauappage software, and then start the gb-pvr mvp server, remember to leave this minimized, if you close it you will lose the connection.

2004-12-23, 10:25 PM
Perfect. Thanks all. I knew it must have something minor I overlooked. I hadn't shut down MediaMVP after installing GB-PVR. Thanks again for the quick response!