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2003-11-20, 02:20 AM
Now that the recording is working:) Thanks Sub! I go into the Recordings, select the program i just recorded. this brings up the menu with Play, Delete, Exit.

Choosing Play results in an error

"ClassFactory cannot supply requested class"

followed by "RenderFileToVMR9 failed".

If i go into the Video area where i have other tv captures i can play those mpg's files without any problems.


2003-11-20, 02:38 AM
Can you check the size of the file in the recordings directory. I've sometimes seen the file as zero bytes long. If it is there, > 0 bytes, does it play with windows media player or anything other than GB-PVR.

These were some of the teething problems I expected with the major changes to recording in this release. Sorry http://gbpvr.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/sad.gif

2003-11-20, 02:56 AM
The file is there, plays in media player, powerdvd, etc. Do you use similar methods to play the file like in the video section?


2003-11-20, 03:11 AM
I thought it should be exactly the same. I'll give it a try after work.

2003-11-21, 04:36 PM
Colin, can you tell me if you manage to play the recording after restarting GBPVR.exe. I'm curious if some resource are held open after the recording, which would be freed up after restarting the application.

May also be worth moving if to the Video Library directories and seeing if it will play.

2003-11-21, 04:38 PM
You know, I never even thought of trrying the file after restarting GB-PVR. I'll try that and if that fails i'll copy the mpg to the video section and try that,


2003-11-23, 03:43 PM
I had the zero bytes issue on a recording too with beta3 - but the file would work under any playback software. I've recorded something since which worked though.