View Full Version : Show Search Plugin: Cannot resolve Recording Conflicts

2007-06-29, 12:57 AM
I love using the Show Search plugin to find movies I want to record but it is frustrating that it just gives me an error when there is a recording conflict. Is it not possible for Show Search to use the GBPVR API to support the same kind of Recording Conflict resolution as in the Search Guide built-in search feature?

2007-06-29, 03:36 AM
Do you mean show search or search wiz? In either case, there is no built in GBPVR API to resolve conflicts that I know of, but it could be done by the plug-in. It's on my to do list for Show Search.


2007-06-29, 04:55 AM
Right, there are 2 search plugins, Show Search and SearchWiz. SearchWiz detects the conflict, but does not provide assistance in resolving the conflict. I'll take a look at providing some capability for doing this in a future version.