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2004-12-16, 12:23 PM
is it possible to write a client for a normal PC which works like a MVP? I have a TV Server on that gp-pvr and the MVP-Server are running. Now i want to watch TV with another PC without TV-Card and not with a MVP. It can be done with vnc but i want to use the integrated feature.

The Mad

2004-12-16, 07:08 PM
Think this has been discussed before,

bottom line seems to be

MVP = USD 100
PC = USD 400


I know it does not help, I have a few PC's around, and could use them to dispaly tv if I found a MVP like thing.

uPNP AV is the other format that keeps coming up, but stillno PC players for it.

2004-12-16, 08:52 PM
There is a player out there. VLC (Video Lan Client) which can provide also TV-Streams over the Lan. But i want the gb-pvr Feature like recording and Scheduling. The other thing is that the mvp doesn´t have onboard wlan so you must connect an cable from the mvp to the server. Or does the mvp provide an USB Port for Wlan Sticks?

Example. one TV-Server with four TV-Cards (or can gb-pvr support more than four?) in the cellar (or somewhere else) and 4 normal small PCs example Shuttle Computers connected each other with wlan. And all 4 Shuttle can record and watch TV and scheduling all over the TV-Server. So if you want more Record space you must only upgrade your Server and not all four PCs.
Ok nobody have 4 Shuttle but in a near future it will be possible.

The Mad

2004-12-17, 01:13 PM
Hi Mad,

you can combine a media-mvp with a wlan-card. For this, there exists a box with an lan-cable and wlan-antenna.
First, connect this to your pc and configure the wlan-settings. Then connect the box to the mvp.
The box works transparent for the mvp.

Here in my house, I'm using three mvp's with wlan and a pc with two pvr 500 cards.

With gbpvr, everything works fine.

To find the wlan-box search google:
wlan media mvp hauppauge