View Full Version : new hauupauge remote with 350 sensor

2004-12-14, 12:58 AM
is it possible to use the pvr350s sensor for the new hauppauge remote?

why might you ask. well the sensor for my 350 is behind a plate thingy on my case, which has a VFD (so its hidden but accessible) but with the pvr150 it has a ir sender on it aswell, and putting the new sensor inside the case would mean i couldnt use the ir sender. so i have to use the pvr 350 sensor inside the case (and i dont want to put the sensor outside the case, since its ugly and sticks out (well its not that ugly,but you know what i mean)).
anyway i read somewhere that the MVP was able to use the new hauppauge remote, by updating something, i was hoping this was also possible with the 350. so anyone know how?

and sub i get why you were so fussy about the remote buttons. im going to try and make the buttons in my plugins configurable. maybe using a remote.xml in gbpvr root directory or something.

2004-12-14, 05:49 AM
Quote[/b] (reven @ Dec. 13 2004,20:58)]and sub i get why you were so fussy about the remote buttons. im going to try and make the buttons in my plugins configurable. *maybe using a remote.xml in gbpvr root directory or something.
I missed that post, but you are talking about keys (as a-z 0-9 on and so on) from the keyboard, not buttons on the remote (since you already can specify those in the irremote.ini file), right?!

I think that being able to configure shortcut keys would be great! I'd love to have them in GB-PVR as well.

2004-12-14, 09:34 AM
no i mean like global page up/down etc buttons at the moment they are all over the show, and should be universal but configurable. like on the original hauppauge remote the green/blue are perfect page up/down, but these are bad choices on the newer remotes and pretty much every other remote. make remote button configurable, like in "my xxxxx" plugins i would include view,sort, info,page up/down. also back/exit/menu and so on and so forth.

ill talk to sub later, see what his thoughts on the matter is, ill try and implement it asap (got new remote and all) ill just try and implement what he is planning to implement sooner. otherwise if i just go ahead and do it for my plugins, i would have to recode them when sub does it.

my first thoughts on it is a xml configuration file, with the key and whether or not the control is pressed (since most green = ctrl-g, but menu = home etc). and just look up the control in that xml file. dont want to use the config.xml file as it would get to large.

2004-12-15, 10:45 AM
I'm sorry, but I still don't understand, please bear with me, because I'm feeling I'm missing something here...

It seems that we are both talking about shurtcut keys, eg "Ctrl-b" for page down. but you would like to change this to something else e.g. "Ctrl-g", through a configuration.
Am I right in this interpretation?

If so, why would you like to do such a configuration? If your objective is to make use of your remote, you can already do that by mapping it in the irremote.ini file. Are you familiar with the irremote.ini file?

Regarding getting a nice conformance of keybindings across all plugins, I totally agree with you.


2004-12-15, 11:39 AM
no i mean like i want to use the Blue button on my remote to play a video file and the red to play an audio file. someone else wants to use the red button for video and audio, someone else wants to use the green button for video and play for audio, someone else wants the play button for both. someone else wants the mce button. so the code would be somethinglike
if key = pluginhelper.PageDownButton
else if key = pluginhelper.PlayButton
else if key = pluginhelper.grabinfofromimdbcom

of course it probably wouldnt be handled by the plugin helper, but thats the basic idea.
mapping the irremote.ini maps a remote button to a specify keyboard shortcut. *im talking about not hardcoded the buttons and what they do, using a external file looking up the function (playvideofile, playaudiofile, addtoplaylist etc) and getting the keyboard command via that. *currently red/yellow is sometimes page up/down, sometimes next/previous is, and sometimes blue/green is. You could change the irremote.ini all you want and you wont be able to get them all to use same two buttons. *they're hardcoded. you're stuffed. *but by looking these keys up in an editable external source, its configurable.

also by doing it this way, keyboard users have better control, ctrl-p to play is annoying, ctrl-q to pause, also annoying, well for a keyboard. users could make it f4 to play or f6 to pause etc.

well thats my logic. you can only map so much. *but by allowing plugin developers to add their own functions to the remote configuration file (like lookupimdbinfo) its endless, someone might not use these functions so they dont map them. its just more flexible i think. *see a major fault? have a better idea? im open to suggestions, at the end of the day its up to sub.