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2004-12-09, 12:03 AM
So, I've got the new version 2.3.11 and I'm not able to see the DVD button through the MediaMVP. Is this a known issue, my issue, or am I missing something silly.

I thought I read that the new version was supposed to take care of this bug.

If you can post the path to the log file you need for troubleshooting I'll post it ASAP.

btw - the <task> entry for DVD is there in the config file.


2004-12-09, 12:10 AM
Media Mvp Will not Play dvds with ripping them and Converting ac3 audio to mp2. So to answer your ? The button is not there because, its not suppose to be there. Media Mvp Will not play dvds.

2004-12-09, 12:25 AM
ahhh, gotcha

so i guess the thing to do is rip dvd's using the DVD2MPEG plugin

2004-12-09, 03:08 AM
Yeah, the way i do it is backup with dvdshrink which is here doom9 (http://www.doom9.org), and then use ac3 headache to encode ac3 to mp2 and then mutiplex back together, this is fast way sometimes you can get dvd rip down to about 2.8, or 2.0 depending on the disk, this is good because you don't have to recode the video. You have in about 30 mins, rip with dvdshrink (make sure you change the perference in dvdshrink to backup one large vob file). encode audio, multiplex and your done. Also once backed up you want to demultiplex or seperate the video and audio. This should give you ac3 file and m2v, then go on its easy. Need help just ask, i have been doing it for a long time..

2004-12-09, 12:55 PM
Darrin 75,

Don't suppose you have a script ( batch file ) that runs the programs you mention in order.

2004-12-09, 04:40 PM
Not yet, but actually working on one, aka plugin for gb-pvr