View Full Version : Old Hauppage Software

2004-08-27, 12:00 AM
Ok, so I'm all pumped to start using GB-PVR (first time install) with my MediaMVP but I can't get the new software running on the MVP. Each Time I reboot the MVP the old software loads up.

what am I not doing?


2004-08-27, 01:25 AM
I'm not infront of my computer so I cant tell you the exact steps for stopping the Hauppuage MediaMVP from auto starting.

From memory you can go into the Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services, and set both of the Hauppuage Media MVP services to start Manually. They are normally are set to auto start.

2004-08-27, 01:27 AM
What Sub says is correct,


2004-08-27, 03:32 AM
If you don't want to play with the autostart yet you can also click start>hauppauge and then click the stop option. *The happauge server will start again when you reboot or click restart.