View Full Version : Program Guide Observations

2004-10-11, 07:57 AM
A couple of observations about the current version of GB-PVR (02.14)


When using bleb.org as the source for listings, I've noticed that the program guide has problems showing the grid past the end of scheduled programming. i.e. If a channel stops broadcasting at midnight, then the guide will show the last program extended from midnight all the way up to the start of programming the following day. I have also found it very difficult to highlight programs in the guide for that channel following the extended entry; in some cases finding it impossible.

It's not a major issue; I used bleb for a while because XMLTV stopped working, but now the new version of XMLTV is available I have switched back to that.


When choosing to record all episodes of a show, I frequently see the MVP server restarted about ten seconds after selecting "Record". I'm assuming that this is a timeout error, possibly caused by the MVP server process going unresponsive while it processes the TV listings looking for shows to record. When the server restarts and I examine the recording schedule, all of the shows are in there.

These are both minor issues. The program guide is a million times better than the abysmal guide that I get from my ntl digital cable box!