View Full Version : Stopping the MVP service whilst recording

2004-11-04, 08:35 PM
Is it possible to restart the MVP service, whilst GBPVR is recording.

My MVP has been upnplugged and is trying to boot, but it is failling so I wanted to kill the GBPVR MVP bit so i can restart the Huauauauuaupauge software to get it to boot!

Any ideas?



2004-11-04, 08:43 PM
Use Task Manager to kill all GBPVR.EXE programs, then go to "Start/Program/GB-PVR/GB-PVR MediaMVP Server" to run a new one. Go to the start menu to create multiple one's if you need them.
The new one's will be visible, but only until you can restart the whole service using the Restart shortcut.