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2004-10-01, 03:29 AM
Hi everyone!

Finally got my hardware in today, and I have run into a couple issues and I would appreciate any help that can be provided.

1. Upon starting GBPVR locally everything looks and sounds great, however on my TV (with the mediaMVP installed) I am not getting sound.

2. Video playback seems to stall for a split second then resume. Both devices are hooked into a 100 megabit switch.

3. Video output on from the mediaMVP seems to have a refresh rate problem or something... lines in the picture seem a bit unstable.

Thanks again for any help you can send my way. I really appreciate your time!!!

Will Reece

2004-10-01, 04:36 AM
Oh... forgot to add as a sidenote, Net Radio, and music library sound comes through ok, it is just the recorded shows and live TV. Thanks! http://gbpvr.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

2004-10-01, 06:25 AM
Does video playback alright through the original hauppauge software? Basically there isn't really any setting which affect stuttering type problems, it just sounds like the MVP isn't getting data at the rate it needs to for smooth playback.

I know some people have had problems with the NIC connections with the MVP. See more info on www.shspvr.com.

2004-10-01, 07:16 AM
Hi sub,

I haven't tried with the original software, but I will give it a shot. It's kinda strange because these are the only two things on the switch. I could upgrade to a gigabit switch, and that would resolve any probs on the server side is there is a bandwidth problem.

Any ideas on the sound from the MVP?


-Will R.

2004-10-01, 07:21 AM
It wasnt a bandwidth problem 100mbps is way more than is needed.

For some reason people were having problems communicating with some certain NIC devices. From memory, these were often onboard NICs embedded in there PC motherboard. I seemed to remember a couple of people here also had the problem. I never had the problem so I'm not really familiar with the exact details, but I remember something about half duplex mode...or similar...

2004-10-01, 01:58 PM
Thanks Sub... I'll throw a 905B-tx in the box and try running on that nic as opposed to the on-board. Any ideas on why the sound is not coming through on the recordings to the MVP? Thanks again!


2004-10-01, 05:05 PM
Where did the MPEG videos come from?

The MVP isn't compatible with PCM or AC3 audio which is sometimes used in MPEG video.

2004-10-01, 07:19 PM
The tuners I have are the e-home wonder pro from ATI. I know there was some question about that cards compatibility, so if there is anything you would like from me with regards to that card, let me know.

I haven't found much documentation on the card as of yet. Other than the sound not going through to the MVP, the e-home card works wonderfully!!

2004-10-01, 07:49 PM
Actually, I *think* the e-home wonder produces PCM audio in the MPEG files, so may not be compatible with the MVP. You may want to download a utility and check a recording to see what it thinks the audio is.

2004-10-01, 08:03 PM
I will do that... got any suggestions on utilities? http://gbpvr.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

2004-10-01, 08:13 PM

2004-10-06, 02:52 PM
The e-Home Wonder is an MPEG-2 encoder and records both audio and video in an MPEG-2 stream.


Paul Janes
Customer Care
ATI Technologies, Inc.

2004-10-06, 04:21 PM
Yes, the e-Home Wonder records both audio and video into the MPEG-2 stream, but I'm fairly sure the audio sub format is PCM wheras the Hauppauge cards use MPEG1 layer II.

BTW, any chance you could get ATI to send me a couple of freebies? http://gbpvr.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif just thought I'd ask, as I dont currently have great support for ATI products. Alternatively, do you know who would be the right person to ask?