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2004-07-15, 06:42 PM
I have noticed that video playback looks substantially different through GB-PVR than the standard Hauppauge software in that it seems to stretch farther into the overscan areas of my TV. Because of this, the Hauppauge software looks significantly better on my TV using the same recorded video files. The effect is so intense that the playback icons actually go partially offscreen.

Is there any way to configure the playback area of the screen, so that the video does not stretch into the overscan area?

2004-07-15, 06:49 PM
I actually have no control over the overscan on the MVP. All playback an positioning is managed by the Hauppuage MVP software.

I think its unlikely that the overscan is any different between the original Hauppauge software and GB-PVR. The GB-PVR software emulates the Hauppauge, and only really acts as a remote file store. GB-PVR is responsible for supplying the bytes from video file, as requested by the MVP. It does no translations that could affect.

In effect GB-PVR just responds to requests from the MVP like: Give me 20000 bytes, starting at position 2354000 in the file.

2004-08-30, 05:30 PM
After a busy month I am finally free to begin playing with this problem again on an up-to-date version. I noticed in the config.xml file that I can specify the size of the overlayed interface, and tweaking that gets me much better placement of the interface, such that I don't have the issues mentioned in my prior post.

...which brings up another question. The default settings were pretty far off for me. Are there any regional settings that I need to be aware of to make my MediaMVP look great?

2004-08-30, 05:51 PM
I have had the same problem, but it has not been critical since sub said he had no control over it.
The payback icons you are referring to are the play and pause flashing icons on the MVP? I can only see the bottom quarter of the icons when using my two MVP's.
If you donít mind sharing what changes you mad I know other have also had this issue but have not found a solution.

Thanks in advance,

2004-09-03, 09:21 PM
I fit the overlay interface to my TV size by changing a few numbers in my config.xml file. Under the MVP section, I set width to 640, height to 440, x offset to 30, and y offset to 20. Different settings will be needed for any TV.