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2004-02-25, 08:11 AM
As I told a little while ago I've started programming a script to convert telektext program information into xmltv that can be imported by for instance gbpvr.

Well, version 0.8 is ready and can be downloaded *here (http://www.opm.wb.utwente.nl/staff/maarten/tt2xmltv/TT2XMLTV_v0.8.zip).

Please note that it is still _very_rough_ and that you _have_to_read_the_readme_file! Some editing is required as described in the readme file. Also vtplus properly setup and running is required. Please note the names of the stations!

Known issues:
-the titles may become very long in several cases. GBPVR cuts them.
-there is no batchfile to run the process fully automatically. Please experiment first whether everything runs fine.

Sub, a question: how save is it to have gbpvr running and then execute the command "gbpvr -OnlyUpdateEPG" from somewhere else to update the EPG?

Greetings and fun with this tooly,

2004-02-25, 03:40 PM
You should be OK run "gbpvr -OnlyUpdateEPG" while GB-PVR is running. It may take a while for GB-PVR to pickup the listings have changed.

2004-03-03, 03:45 PM
The archive appeared to be corrupt. That has been corrected. BTW version 0.9 is available within a few days.


2004-03-03, 04:25 PM
I look forward to trying this. I have a slight problem that i dont have an aerial at teh moment (run through an NTL box), but i hope to get an internal one and give this a try soon,