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2004-11-01, 08:28 AM
I have this card and am using the included winfast PVR application which is OK but nothing to get excited about.

I am thinking of giving GBPVR a try and saw that the PVR2000
is supported but the only thread I found on setting up and using the card with full functionality sort of left things hanging. I wonder if just including the script that sub provided in the ini file is enough. I will of be using the latest 1007 drivers from Leadtek, but I note that the connexant drivers were mentioned on the SageTV site and could make the card work with their application. Does anyone know if this would make a difference. Finally I would like to use the firely remote with this card (via girder is need be). Anyone know how this might be accomplished or would I need a blaster with learning to mimic the Leadtek remote since it is directly connect to the card and not USB/serial etc.



2004-11-01, 03:18 PM
I cant really give you any update on the PVR2000, as I dont have one so I've never tested it. There may have been an audio problem (discussed previously) corrected in the last release.

If you havn't bought the card yet, I seriously consider something like the PVR250/150 as these are much better supported.

You'd be able to control GB-PVR using the firefly via girder.

2004-11-02, 08:03 AM
Well I've already had the card + 1 month and can't return it. I bought this because it had the 2388x decoder (10 bit) the 416 Mpeg encoder & FM reception for $110 bucks. It does produce a decent quality image, in fact about as good on my PC feeding a Sony RPCRT at 960x540p as I get from 480i->1080i upconversion in the Mot Settop box, so the signal is clean and the deinterlacing isn't too bad. It does seem clearer than the old 2000 XP deluxe that it replaced which is I think a BT878 chip. The issue I have with the Leadtek app is that I'm not getting sound over the S-video input (I don't think think the STB puts it there to start with) so I have to run it in through a "dubbing" channel from "line in" off the STB audio output.
I don't want to dedicate the current line in to do this so I'm installing an AV-710 to get an additional input and enable 44.1 k "bit perfect" which the nForce 2 "soundstorm" can't do becasue of its "perfect" AC-97 compliance = 48 kHz.

Anyhow nothing can stop me from just trying GB-PVR out and seeing how things go. If I run into troubles, I'll trouble you with them as I think this card should be popular in Europe and Asia at least in markets where the duties on the Hodgepodge cards are high so it should be a good match for GB-PVR if any problems can get staightened out. Maybe Fabris can update us on his progress with the card if he's still using the combo.



2004-11-11, 02:50 PM
Hello all!
I'm using this card for 2 months and I realy like it.
I found some problems with GBPVR on NetRadio/FM radio and LiveTV.
One problem is that I live in Israel and I have no Tv Guide for me, and it will be nice if you can set it without a guide (to make it work i choose UK settings). I tryed some graber but it was a pain. Another point that i want to insist on it, is the posibility to disable showshifting mode. I know it has somthing to do with MVP but ... it can be nice.
Right now i'm using Meedio and the disgusting bundled software for the PVR2000 to watch TV. But i'm looking forward for GBPVR because it looks better and Sub is doing a great job on it.

For the remote i'm using the winlirc device. I dont have to much time but maybe i'll try to modify the girder WinFast Expert pluging based on the work of Brian Bennefeld.

The PVR2000 is a great card but needs more support from 3rd party software.

I'll try again to send the logs to sub.

2004-11-11, 03:35 PM
Quote[/b] ]Another point that i want to insist on it, is the posibility to disable showshifting mode.
Sorry, but isn't something I'm intending to do.