View Full Version : Some other slight probs

2003-11-24, 08:21 AM
Hi Sub,

I separated these out into another post because they are repeats of the ones sent by direct email.

1) While an MP3 is playing, I can't stop it! Buttons do not seem to respond. If I choose a second track, it plays 'over the top' of the first one.

2) If I run the app from a drive other than the C: it ignores all the settings.

3) TV guide causes whole app to popup repreating error on any futher key press. (I tried the skin.XML) edit. Will post an XMLTV extract to you right now.


2003-11-24, 03:56 PM
Yes, I've had this pointed out a couple of times. I've fixed it for the next release.

Running from anywhere other than c:\program files\devnz\gbpvr is a problem at the momemt. I'll remove the dependency in a couple of release. I was having problems getting a couple of path related things working, so decided to cur corners and set the path explicity for the sake of getting a release out. Its funny, I manage to get some really difficult stuff working, but the easy things trip me up.

Cheers for the xmltv file you email. I'll take a look.

2003-11-24, 04:06 PM
I've worked out your xmltv file's problem. There seems to be two shows listed at exactly the same time, for the same duration, on the same channel. It's problem with the xmltv file, but I'll make sure it doesn't cause a problem for GBPVR in the next release.