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2004-07-21, 09:04 AM

I've just started to look at this software and am extremely impressed so far! I am after some help connecting my Hauppauge win-pvr 350 to my ntl stb
At the moment, I am using the rf output on the stb to the rf input on the card. My question is, what setting should I use in the capture source, and more importantly, what channel should I use? Wintv2000 reports as channel 52, but when I use this in GB-pvr, I just get static.
All help and advice gratefully received!!


John Brett
2004-07-23, 03:53 PM
IIRC, this is what I'm using:

Capture Card Type: Hauppauge PVR 250/PVR 350
Country: United Kingdom
Board number: Capture Device #1
Source: Fixed-Channel, External Tuner Tuning: Cable

Constant Channel: 65


I used WinTV2000 to find the channel number, so if yours really is channel 52 and not 65 like mine, try both 'Tuning' settings.

Another John

2004-07-26, 08:10 AM
Thanks for that John!

I am not sure what made it work (I thought that I had tried both tuning settings, but perhaps not), but I can now view live TV! Does anyone know why the audio is mono from the RF output? I can live with it, but stereo would be nice!