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2004-10-18, 11:36 AM

just wondering if anyone's had a similar problem with a Hauppauge pvr-350 card to me, and more importantly, has managed to fix it!

The problem is that the card gets more and more out of sync with real time the longer it's used - I realise there always has to be a buffer between the live TV signal and what's shown through the PVR application, but it "loses" about a second of time for every 2 minutes the application is running - i.e. after a couple of hours, the displayed picture is out of sync with reality by a full minute - obviously this is fairly useless in terms of trying to schedule recordings a few days away. And even in "live TV mode", you can fairly quickly work out something's up - changing the channel on my cable box takes ages to actually happen through the PVR.

Anyway, this problem exists outside of GB-PVR insofar as it does the same thing in SageTV and Hauppauge's own WinTV2000 application, but I thought I'd ask on here, as there seems to be a fair amount of knowledge of this card.



2004-10-18, 03:52 PM
I've never seen it do this for me. Have you tried other versions of the drivers?

2004-10-20, 08:44 AM
I've tried the latest drivers from Hauppauge's website. The machine itself is well above spec, and I've tried the card in another PC, with exactly the same results. Maybe the card's duff.


2004-10-21, 03:38 AM
the drivers from haupauge's website arent the newest drivers, i just took my card back to the supplier cause it wouldnt capture any video (even svid), they tested it and it was fine, then i read somewhere on a forum (maybe this one) that the newest drivers aren't on hauppauges website. *do a search and try find the newer drivers and see if you get the same problem.

still waiting for my new card or old card back http://gbpvr.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/sad.gif been a couple of weeks now

2004-10-21, 03:52 AM
You should be able to find the latest drivers on http://www.shspvr.com.

2004-10-21, 07:58 AM
shspvr appear to have the same version as hauppage namely 1.18.22170 (they do have a 22266 beta in the forums however)

The version I have is 22254 which I got via sagetv's website http://www.sage.tv/3_dlSoft/040910Retail1.18.021.22254.zip

2004-10-22, 12:21 AM
i was just wondering if anyone had the problem where the pvr-350 wouldnt detect any channels using search or manual and also wouldnt detect svideo in? everything else worked except the tuner. i should be getting mine back in a few days and want to be able to quickly fix the problem. used the latest drivers from hauppauge. running xp pro +sp2. if its an prob with xp pro +sp2 i can downgrade, just want to know if anyone had a similar prob and how they fixed it (brand new pvr-350 so new chipset v16 or whatever it is:))

2004-10-22, 12:35 AM
I havn't heard of this problem. You're in New Zealand, is your PVR350 a PAL B/G model with tuner that is appropriate for NZ?

2004-10-22, 12:39 AM
The inf's are still 22254 but the .exe is allready up to 22292, the mpeg-decoder is allready up to version 5 (shs-pvr (ftp://ftp.shspvr.com)).

To me your problem sounds like a problem between your computer and the card, and thats very hard to pin down. If its just some problem with your windows-setup a new install could help, but you don't know in advance. If it's an interrupt-problem experimenting with slots might help. It appears that some ASUS-boards have trouble with the card. Anyways, your are likely to get the most competent support you could imagine on the shspvr-forums.

2004-10-22, 01:43 AM
I just checked. *The INF and WDM driver contained in the latest beta driver package from SHSPVR:

ftp://ftp.shspvr.com/downloa....pp2.zip (ftp://ftp.shspvr.com/download/wintv-pvr_250-350/base_cd/hcw1_8_22266_pp2.zip)

really are version 22266 (not 22254 like the previous version). *I'm going to try this new 22266 driver tonight when I get home.

2004-10-22, 06:02 AM
sub yeah its the right card(nz one), bought it from pcgear.co.nz, and tried it on two machines, both running same os win xp pro +sp2. got a new pc now which am using as my htpc, getting card tomorrow (a new one, not the same one i had before), ill try the drivers from shspvr and see if it works (new computer has complete fresh install with pretty much just winxp pro +sp2 and gbpvr, .net framework of course)

im hoping either its just winxp pro +sp2, or something i've installed on both machines oh and all machines are running norton IS 2003. if it doesnt work try running win2k. the supplier said they got it working so hope i do to.

2004-10-22, 11:51 AM
Reven, most of us are runnin XP SP2 - that shouldn't be the problem.
As to the drivers: shspvr's ftp has individual folders for the latest inf-files (used when Windows autodetects the card) and for the driver-install ".exe" file (pvr48wdm....exe) which should be run after Windows did the base inf-driver install. You'll sometimes get slightly newer versions in the dedicated folders than in the complete "base-cd". The inf-driver in that base-cd (22266) seems to be 22226 http://gbpvr.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif. Well, it's a mess - it's been often complained about.