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2004-10-15, 02:55 PM
Is there a device that with one button turns on the TV and the PVR system? I know I could use an IR blast but I don't want the extra wires wrapping in front of the TV. I was wondering if there is a device that will turn on and off the unit when the TV turns on and off maybe detecting the surge in power which will turn on the PVR. I know that with some remotes you can use a sequence but if the remote is pointed away you could miss the device.

I have seen a tutorial on powering up other units when the computer goes on but this is a little different. I need it to be easy for the wife to use and using multiple buttons could be a problem. Is this someting Girder software could help with?

Are there any suggestions or tutorials to make something, I am not even sure what my Google search would be.

Thank you in advance;

2004-10-15, 03:12 PM
If the tv can be switched on by turning the power socket it's plugged into on, then you can use something like this Mini Power Minder (http://www.engadget.com/entry/7943838951650352). It's probably just a relay that's controlled by the USB power from the computer, so you could build it yourself if you dare http://gbpvr.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

2004-10-15, 03:37 PM
I don't think it does turn on with power to the outlet.

2004-10-19, 06:55 AM
An expensive option (But rather flashy)
would be to use a PDA with remote software on it.
They can be programmed to send strings of commands.
It would be straightforward to get it to send 2 commands -
1) Switch of TV (train it from the TV remote)
2) Send PC (Probably via USB-UIRT) command to power down / sleep.

The USB-UIRT has a long cable, which could use a USB extension lead on it to make it even further. (Not sure how near to the TV your PC is - Mine is in a cabinet below the TV, hidden with the DD5.1 Amp, cable decoder, etc).



2004-10-20, 07:34 AM
another option If YOU dont mind a bit of work is to use a programable remote like a pronto (the black and white touch screen one are not to expensive) this can learn IR codes and you can make macros of upto 255 codes. So one button does all. I use one and i find it very good even if you are not directly pointing at the recievers.

not sure about girder, i think it may be possible. I'm sure peeps will correct me if wrong ;)

2004-10-31, 06:35 PM
Keep meaning to get one of them pronto's, my brother has one and its a fantastic bit of kit.