View Full Version : Anyone use a Redrat IR Control with GB-PVR

2004-09-27, 12:21 PM
Hi All,

I'm new to GB-PVR so this question may have come up before, but i haven't seen any references to it.
Firstly - what a fantastic piece of software, well done sub!

Does anyone know if the Redrat infrared remote control input and output device will work with GB-PVR?

I'm itching to get a device to change channels on my NTL cable box from my computer, I've been waiting on the USB-UIRT device (from http://www.usbuirt.com) but the web site has been saying out of stock for a while now so I'm looking at alternatives.

I assume the redrat comes with some .exe based channel changer that i could configure to use with the .exe external changer option in GB-PVR? *Has anyone used this option before and is there any problems with it? i.e delays in changing channels, pop up boxes etc.? (I'm currently viewing on my PC but will use the TV out of my PVR-350 card to feed to my TV later on in case that makes a difference?)

Thanks in advance for any feedback,

Cheers, Alex

p.s. I've checked out the my NTL box and it works fine for non irda signals so that shouldn't pose a problem.
(i already use an all in one remote with it that works fine.)