View Full Version : WDM Software encoding?

2004-06-25, 09:13 PM
Does GB-PVR support any generic WDM capture cards with software encoding, or does it just work with hardware encoders like the PVR250? I have an old Aver TV98 that I use with the BTWinCap drivers off sourceforge. Old card, but it works great with Snapstream and GotTV. Any support for this? plans? It would open up the application to a whole new group of users with older cards, ATI All in Wonder, etc...


2004-06-25, 09:39 PM
No it doesnt work with these older software encoder cards, and I have no plans to add support for them in the future.

2004-06-25, 09:43 PM
I'm not really that concerned with opening up the application to a wider set of users. I currently get about 10000 downloads per version release (in about 3 - 4 week period)! I know nowhere near that many are using it regularly, but its still shows plenty of interest.