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2004-11-05, 10:20 PM
Hey sub,

I noticed that in Manage.aspx.cs you've got the code below. Does this work yet or is there an easy way for me to enable downloading files from the Web interface by changing a couple of variables?

- mdj

else if (scheduledRecording.getRecordingStatus() == ScheduledRecording.STATUS_COMPLETED)
colStatus.Text = "Available<br>" +
"<img src=\"images/t.gif\" width=\"1\" height=\"4\"><br>";
//"<a href=\"#\"><img src=\"images/manage_btn_play.jpg\" width=\"115\" height=\"22\" border=\"0\"></a>";

2004-11-05, 11:43 PM
No there is no easy way for you to get this functionality. I'd didn't spend any time on it because I wasn't sure how practical it really was to download these potenially huge video files.