View Full Version : DVB - an interim solution?

2004-05-18, 10:43 AM
There are probably many folks in the UK who, like myself, are interested in building a DTT PVR box. As a fan of GB-PVR I'm really keen to see DVB -T support included (perhaps Sub has plans to include DVB in the future?), but until then, perhaps a "nearly live-tv" solution could be implemented. Recordings produced by the Hauppauge Nova-t card (amongst others?) can very often be accessed and played (eg by the Media MVP) whilst they are being written, and thus it might be possible to design a simple "almost live" arrangement, perhaps via GB-PVR's Custom Tasks facility. Of course, channel changing would involve stopping then restarting recording - very clunky, but it might work?

Regrettably, I'm no programmer, but maybe some of you chaps are thinking along similar lines?