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2004-08-06, 09:24 PM

i want to make it official: i am currently working on a plugin, which allows you to include dvd-profiler-data (collection.xml) in gbpvr. the plugin should have following features:

-configurable source of collection.xml.
-add infos from collection.xml to existing movies on harddrive
-search automatically for new movies and add matching entries from collection.xml
-treat folders with multiple movies (series for example) as folders and folders with only one movie as movie (the information from collection.xml matches folders)
-rename the movies from gbpvr

any suggestions, hints and ideas are welcomed! i am new to c#, but i make rather huge steps forward, collection.xml-information is displayed. wait two or three weeks and i will post a pre-alpha-version of this plugin.

i think, in future it would be nice to have a search-function through your offline/online (means on harddrive) movies, but this is after the first release. this plugin should be used with dvdprofiler from intervocative software, but can also be used without it. if sub wants to help, i could also store information from the epg.

edit: @sub: i don't know, what you are planning for the future, maybe, i implement features, which are already planned. could you please comment on my idea? thanks :-)

2004-08-06, 10:17 PM
Sounds like a good idea dottore.

If you have any questions or need help, let me know.

I've just this morning uploaded two more plugins to the plugins page. These both include source code in c#, so may provide useful sample. The DVD Ripper plugin uses the SkinHelper.getNamedImage() method which I now use for dynamically generating the background images and buttons (from descriptions in the skin.xml files). The older examples didn't do this, and were more reliant on images files.

2004-08-07, 10:23 AM
that's perfect, so i do not need to produce the buttons myself. i will download the plugins and look at the sourcecode.

maybe a short documentation on the pluginhelper would be nice, but the auto-completion of my environment is enough for the moment...

2004-08-19, 04:22 PM

That sounds like a great plugin. I did have a question though. Are you planning on supporting meta data information similar to http://mythtv.sourceforge.net/mc/mythvideo1.png. In a simpiler manner.

So you can lookup any of your movies. I am not sure where you can get the metadata info. Imdb user terms does not sound like they would be happy with us pulling it from them.

2004-08-19, 05:24 PM
i thought of implementing imdb or ofdb in germany, but wanted to start with dvd-profiler. the imdb-database is free, i think, because gottvpvr uses it and meedio too.

let me get the dvd-profiler-plugin to work, then i will try to implement a second plugin, which calls the imdb-information.

by the way: i am sure to present a first alpha-version by the end of next week.

2004-08-19, 06:16 PM
I am so glad you are working on this plugin. DVD Profiler is great. I used a Meedio plugin called XML2Mee that worked great with DVD Profiles. This will be a great addition to GB-PVR. If you need anyone to test this plugin, let me know.

2004-08-19, 06:44 PM
dvdprofiler-data is almost displayed (including pictures) without any conversion-utility. what i want to do is to get the dvd-collection connected to the movies on the harddrive.

2004-08-19, 07:05 PM

How do you access the imdb-database. I know we can get to the html page but then we would have to parse the data out of it. Is there a way to access the data in a manner that is easier to parse (XML?)?

2004-08-19, 07:13 PM
i don't know. i think, it could work like the weather plugin. actually, i don't matter about imdb, i'm just fighting with collection.xml from dvdprofiler ;-)

2006-04-26, 01:03 AM
Hi, I am a new user, but one thing that will ultimately sway me to use this software is the abililty to use DVD Profiler's collection.xml to give my DVD collection its information. I have all my DVD's stored on my server as either iso's or vob's. I am more than willing to help in the development of this plugin. Please email me. Thanks.


2006-04-26, 01:06 AM
By the way, I dont know gb-pvr that well yet, new user, but I am what would be considered very proficient in C# (if that is what you are using). I am also pretty proficient in VB.Net and Java...less proficient in C++/C.