View Full Version : MVP Remote Special Keys

2004-04-14, 10:47 PM
Hi Sub,

I'm writing a Picture viewer plugin (to replicate the original MVP's functionality within GB-PVR), but I've failed to master the "Back" button on the MVP's remote.

Does .NET have access to the following keys:
"Back/Exit", "Go", "Red", "Mute", "Full", "Rwnd", "Ffwd", "Rec"

If so, can IMenuTask be handed events to respond to those keys?


2004-04-14, 11:37 PM
yes, the OnKeyPress should be handed all of those events. I'll need to check them all tonight, but I seem to remember the "back" key wasnt functioning for the MVP due to an oversight on my part.

Write it with the assumption those keystrokes are all working (just use keyboard equiv for initial development), and I'll make sure they're functioning for the next release.

PS, I'm really pleased to see all you guys helping out. Considering plugin support has only been in place for about a week and a half, this is a great start. Keep up the good work guys. When debugging is working from the next release, things should be much easier. If anyone needs any help just let me know.