View Full Version : Forum Related Suggestion/Wish List Item

2004-08-21, 04:42 PM
Hi Guys;

Is it possible to add a search feature to the Forum?

Seems to me if you've got a search feature, which I can't seem to find, it would cut down on a lot of repeat questions, Vid card resolution questions and such.

2004-08-21, 04:55 PM
As a follow up I just noticed that when you click on new posts a search forum and search link appears, but it doesn't seem to return anything.

2004-08-21, 05:06 PM
There is a "search" link in the top right of the page.

2004-08-21, 05:42 PM
Quote[/b] (sub @ Aug. 21 2004,13:06)]There is a "search" link in the top right of the page.
duh! I see it now. Thanks. Probably missed it because of the color scheme.