View Full Version : Another Wishlist

2003-11-18, 07:47 PM
1. An option to add a cushion to the record time. (Having the recording start x many minutes before the show is scheduled to end and x many minutes after it is scheduled to end) Having the option to add extra time on the end of a recording would be great for recording sporting events (in case the event goes into overtime)

2. Option on the EPG sub menu to launch an external TV app to tune to the selected channel. Maybe pass the channel number parameter as [channel]. Adding a hotkey to start the TV app to tune the selected channel would be a plus in intergated the epg with a remote.

3. When an external app is launched, the GB-PVR screen turns black. I'd like to be able to set a background image to that black screen. This would give external programs that have a degree of transparency an 'embedded' feel.

2003-11-20, 06:10 AM
2) is done for the next release.

I'll look into the others over the next couple of days.