View Full Version : Showcenter and GBPVR

2004-02-04, 10:34 PM
Well GBPVR rocks and i'v egot it running on MediaMVP as well. Navigation seems to be a bit iffy at times but overall great. I'd really like to use GBPVR with my Pinnacle Showcenter box as well because it does a great job with DIVX and Xvid. I've taken to reencoding all my 8G directv shows into 1G DIVX 5 and they look great but of course can't play them on the MediaMVP. Well I know this is way down the list but it would be great to get DIVX functionality in a media box off GBPVR.
thx for the great job so far!

2004-02-04, 10:51 PM
We're unlikely to every see DIVX support on the MVP. The hardware is just not built for it. It copes with MPEG playback because of the built in hardware decoder, but just wouldn't be fast enough for software playback of DIVX files. sorry...