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2004-06-09, 09:45 AM

now gbpvr is very fine.
Actually my girlfriend is using it:-)

We miss only one feature:

There a 40 TV-Channels. When I want to zap from Channel 1 to 35, I must go 34 times up on the remote. This needs so much time because a channel-change needs ca. 5 seconds.

There should be two functions:

- Entering the channel-number on the remote. e.g. 35
- A simple channel list in the on screen-menu to navigate
* through the channels.
* The style can be a simple listbox.

Is this function possbile or actually planed ?

Thanks a lot!


2004-06-09, 05:02 PM
Hi Sebastian,

I'm sure you can enter channel numbers direct already. Just enter the channel number and press enter. This certainly works using the keyboard or a Hauppauge remote. (maybe you've been entering the channel number, but not following up with the Enter, or Ok on a remote).

Not sure about the channel listing during live TV, maybe Sub could answer that one.


2004-06-09, 05:13 PM
Also, pressing the green button when viewing livetv will bring up the mini guide. This will allow you to browse throught the programmes currently. Press Enter when you find one you'd like to switch to.