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2006-04-05, 02:46 PM
I've added a coulpe of skins to the "skin" directory, but they don't show up on the config menu? What am I doing wrong?

2006-04-05, 03:08 PM
Which skins have you added. What does your skin folder look like - should be a folder for each skin, with sub folders and files for each GBPVR plugin/menu.


2006-04-05, 03:21 PM
Well, I deleted HCCustom. And now have just Plain Jane. Has it's own folder and subs. But doesn't show up on the config menu for me to choose from.

2006-04-05, 03:55 PM
give us a screenshot of your directory tree under devnz/gbpvr...

2006-04-05, 03:57 PM
You do NOT have directories like this:

c:\program files\devnz\gbpvr\skin\Plain Jane\Plain Jane\

(Substitiue Plain Jane for any skin name in question)

Sometimes if you extract the zip files to a folder of the same name, the skin files will also create that folder so you end up with "double deep" skin directories.

Move the doubled directory up one level.

2006-04-05, 04:18 PM
That was it buddy. Thanks.