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2004-01-14, 06:51 PM
I would like to suggest a possible alternative approach that could help your DirectShow problem. As you know I am pushing for the MediaMVP as a client, but thinking about it somemore, you might want to change your whole environment to be a native client/server type environment. Reading the forums, what it seems like everyone is moving toward is adding client support. SnapStream is trying to add a client component, Sage already has a client component, Microsoft is coming out with somekind of client box for MCE, OpenSource guys are hacking the MediaMVP, GBPVR-Sage-Snapstream are all working on MediaMVP clients. It also seems like alot of people are trying to put there media servers in there garages or wiring closets where the noise is not a problem. Given the above, it seems to me that if you were the first to fully adopt this approach, you could really win over a lot of would be customers.

The environment that I see is:

Server - capture only; use multiple PVR-250s; big disks to store recorded shows, ripped cd's, ripped DVD's, digital stills; support only PVR-350 for local display;...

Client - Lowend PC or MediaMVP; less than $100 US for MVP; lowend PC's are about $300; cost of PVR-250 plus MVP is about equal to PVR-350; client would be able to display liveTV, play recorded shows, DVDs or CD's; ...

Just my $0.02 US, I guess that would be about $0.06 NZ.

Also, I would be interested in your users comments. Maybe, I missing something and this not a good idea.


2004-01-14, 07:21 PM
GB-PVR already uses a client/server where appropriate. With the GB-PVR MVP support, directshow is not used - instead the video data is streamed to the client over TCP/IP.

At todays exchange rate, your USD$0.02 is about NZD$0.03.