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2004-01-10, 06:55 PM
Hi, great little program.

I have more than one PVR-250. I read the quick start guide. But it doesn't say if I have to define inputs for all my cards or only one?

Also, can GBpvr support more than one recording at the same time?

Finally, about the buffer. If I do back to back recordings and I stated a buffer, what will happen? Will the 2nd recording start at the right time and the 1st one cut short? Or the 2nd be cancelled?


Myro *:-)

2004-01-10, 07:10 PM
Yes, you should define a capture source for each card you have. Each capture source also has its own epg source, because you may have a different set of channels available on each source.

I've personally only got one card. Anyone know where I can get another one cheap? In theory the Direct Recording source written by me supports multiple cards, but I've never been able to test it. If the Direct Recording source doesn't work with multiple card, the WinTVCap recorder definitely will.

It wont allow you to schedule two recording if it can't find an available tuner for that time period.

I'm still working on conflict resolution for what happens when you're viewing liveTV and have recordings scheduled, so you do need to be *careful*. This is high on my priority list.

2004-01-12, 08:43 PM
Did some testing. And direct recording doesn't work with more than one card. You can schedule it, but you it only records one show. Will give WinTVcap a go

2004-01-12, 09:05 PM
Well, I must be doing something wrong because it doesn't work with WinTVcap either. Only 1 recording. As with direct recording, 2 files are created on the file system, but one stays at 0 byte and the other one grows as the recording goes.

I use WinTvCap with another app. I know that you need to give it a parameter for it to choose a an available card (when you have more than on). I think it's something like "-board:0"

In the settings, I selected board#1 for my first PVR and board#2 for my 2nd. But it still doesn't go for the 2nd recording


2004-01-12, 11:35 PM
Myro, I'll look into it a further but its only guess work considering I only have one card. The PVR250 cost NZD$700 (USD$476) here! ouch!

Search for a file called GBPVRRecordingService.log, I suspect its in c:\windows\system32. It'll contain the arguments passed to wintvcap. Hopefully you should see it try to start both recordings. It should also be passing the board number to wintvcap. This should be shown in the log.

2004-01-13, 12:23 AM

it would be cheaper for me to buy you a card here in the US and post it to you. You can get them here for about $100.00. Would also mean you have a NTSC card,


2004-01-13, 12:26 AM
Yeah, I thought about that. Can US cards also accept a PAL signal via composite or s-video? I realise the tuner would probably not work here, but I could live without that.

Do know how much the USB versions go for?

2004-01-13, 01:01 AM
Hey Sub,

they appear to start about $170 for the usb2. places to use for prices are:

PriceGrabber (http://www.pricegrabber.com)
NexTag (http://www.nextag.com)

or for all the offers

XPBargains (http://www.xpbargains.com)

The cards for PAL in composite and svideo. Not sure about the usb2 device. SOme of the guys from shspvr.com forum can tell you that one,