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2004-01-22, 10:00 PM
Unfortunately I have been unable to use vmr7 or vmr9 for display. *The overlay method produces some pretty unsatisfactory results.

My machine has the "old style" agp slot so I am limited as to the type of video card I can use. *Right now I'm using an ATI Rage Fury with tv out and it doesn't seem to handle vmr.

Any suggestions on a fairly cheap card that will work with the older agp slots (Asus P3BF mobo)? *It would have to have tv out because I don't use a monitor with this machine


2004-01-22, 11:12 PM
Yes, Overlay is a bit average. It lacks nice stuff like alpha blending the OSD. I'm personally using Matrox G400 in my development. Hopefully others will be able to recommend thir own cards.

2004-01-23, 05:31 PM
I bought an OEM Radeon 9000 for 70 GBP (about US$500 at current exchange rate! Only kidding - about $120) that works fine - I originally bought it as it has DVI for my monitor, and only a heatsink.


2004-01-23, 10:31 PM
You might try a second hand voodoo

I still have an old banshee running in my parents computer and doing stuff with directx8. I seem to remember using it on a MVP3 chipset with a wintv card and overlay. And it had a Tv-out http://gbpvr.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

2004-01-25, 10:00 AM
Thanks for the suggestions. Much appreciated.