View Full Version : Finetuning PVR-350 card for Netherlands

2004-04-11, 06:50 AM
I am trying to configure the channel setup (The Netherlands). When using the Hauppage software, I can finetune (+ or -).

My cablecompany delivers some (quite a bit) channels in like this:

Station Channel Frequency
TMF The Music Factory 22+ 482.25

When I just give channel #22 I don't get any signal, so it needs to be finetuned (or the frequency keyed in). Is there any way to do this?
(the channels that don't have + or - work perfectly)

Thanx in advance,


2004-04-11, 07:33 AM
This is a bit of common theme for the Netherlands where they use non standard tunings.

Hauppauge uses some private mechanism, which I dont have access to. Instead, I have to rely on Microsoft methods for setting the channels, which seem to cause problems for some EU countries. It has been talked about several times in the past. Have a read through the following post. Hopefully they will help. http://gbpvr.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif



A few other users have had to go through this in the past, so hopefully they can help you out.

2004-04-13, 07:30 PM
Thanks a bunch!!!

FreqCopy (http://www.prize.nl/software/freqcopy/) did the trick. I keyed in all the frequencies supplied by my cable company manually in the Hauppage WinTV2000 application (in the order I want them), then I used FreqCopy create the override registry entries.

Now I have all the channels, and in the order I want them!

Going to test further now :-)