View Full Version : long time watcher, slightly recent user, issue with new build...

2006-02-26, 08:36 PM
i noticed a change in the most recent build, which causes the tray icon to reappear when the service is stopped/restarted through the configuration utility. as i have the tray icon kept from being loaded, this is slightly frustrating (not enough to deter my usage of this wonderful program).
i was wondering if there were any way to keep this from happening (short of deleting the tray icon executable). i checked the batch file, and all it does is stop/start the service. and i suppose i could modify that batch file to wait a second and run a taskkill on the tray icon program (just thought of that now actually).
but i was wondering if this was intentional or not? thank you very much. love your software.
the only other thing i would like to see in gbpvr is allowing me to record audio to a different format, such as pcm wave, since i compress all my files to xvid/ogg vorbis, it would clean up my audio slightly, instead of going mpeg-wave-vorbis. thank you very much again.

2006-02-26, 08:39 PM
actually, just tried modifying the batch file, apparently that is not where the config program calls. since it still opened the tray icon program. so my idea of just editing the batch file did not work.
open to any suggestions.. thanks

2006-02-26, 09:48 PM
There no way to stop this behaviour.

Its only done when you click the ok button in the config app, which should be pretty rare for normal day to day activities (after you've got your machine setup), so shouldnt be too much of an hassle. Just do your best to ignore it.

2006-02-27, 12:31 AM
thanks.. i have just noticed it since i have been currently adapting gbpvr to my needs, and trying out different plugins. it is not the biggest hassle to close the tray icon.
love the software..