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2004-01-30, 07:14 PM
Hi Sub,

I have some old and new issues with release 010:
The problem of black screen/no audio occurred again (see this thread (http://gbpvr.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=1;t=26;st=40)). And again after about 23 minutes of playback. This time the delay was not more than an hour, but some 10 minutes. The filesize was 962610KB, so far below any 2 or 4GB limits (but it's on an NTFS disk anyway). Did you already find something that can cause this?

Another, less important thing: when playing a .m3u file, the second item is not played. gbpvr skips from 1 to 3. With the skip back button the second item can be played! This occured with several playlist files!

Oh, and I've changed the shutdown process:
I've created two custom tasks:
Off! shutdown -s -t 50 -c "Shutdown in progress. To abort select NotOff."
NotOff shutdown -a
These can be selected from the main menu. Works neat. But does GBPVR like this?

I'm off installing the new hauppauge beta driverset.


2004-01-30, 07:18 PM
No I havn't found anything that could cause this. I've been focused in other areas of the application in recent days.

Your shutdown should be ok. I havn't tried it, but cant think of any problem it would cause.

I'll add the skipped music track to the todo list.