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2004-01-22, 10:46 PM
Problem 1. *I'm using Windows2k pro so I added the entries to the irremote.ini file manually but the remote still does not work with GBPVR.

Problem 2. *It seems that the hauppauge remote uses the same frequency as my television. *So even if I could get the remote to work It still wouldn't be very useful because it changes the tv as well.

Any way I can get around this?
Would I have the same problem If I bought some other remote?

Also what is the proper configuration for Channel Changer so that gbpvr uses the remote even if it is not running?


2004-01-23, 01:24 AM
Prob-1) Did you restart the Hauppauge IR-Remote? It needs to be restarted to pick up new settings.

Prob-2) There not too much I can do about this at this! You could use Girder to control GB-PVR if you have another remote receiver like the USB-UIRT or RedRat. It'd need to be configured to send the same keystokes to GB-PVR as the Hauppauge remote is. Should be relatively simple to do.

2004-01-23, 06:28 PM
Problem 2: do you have a Phillips TV? This seems to be the code set that the Hauppauge RC uses... it may be possible identify how to fix that if it is the case - let me know.


2004-01-25, 10:58 AM
Yes i do have a phillips tv. *Any fix would be greatly appreciated. http://gbpvr.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

2004-01-26, 10:56 AM
I do also have a Philips TV, but mine detects the hauppauge remote (the led on the tv blinks everytime I press a button), but does not act on it ( thankfully).

Unless you find a way to change the code emitted by the remote, you can't bypass this problem.

The cheapest solution is to find another remote that can be used with the hauppauge receiver, but doesn't works with the TV.

The best shot, is going after a DVD/Hi-FI/SAT philips remote, but you have to try it before buying it (just take the computer and the TV with you *) http://gbpvr.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif

2004-01-26, 05:57 PM
The code I wrote to detect the remote control key numbers will work with the Phillips remote... the numbers are different from the Hauppauge remote, but are picked up by irremote.dll - it's just that IR.EXE doesn't respond to them.

This post shows how to find out the codes:
GUI only on the TV (http://gbpvr.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=3;t=9)

The best thing to do would be to come up with a set of codes that your Phillips remote control doesn't use (I have a "SAT" button on mine but don't have satellite - I could use these to control the Hauppauge)... then the hard bit: either, work out how to get the IR.EXE program to recognise those (don't know if this is possible) or put a wishlist request to sub in for support of other remotes through the Hauppauge remote receiver.

On re-reading my original post I was probably too upbeat in my comments about a solution which may make this a bit of a let down, but could still hopefully help resolve your problem.